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Wards are really important | LoL

Map Awareness this time

In our last article i mentioned that wards are extremely major aspect of the League of Legends, but they will be useles until you learn to look at the map at least every 10 second. Some professionals are glancing on the minimap every 3-5 second to know when enemies are missing from the lanes, or to see a opportunity to push lane or execute other map objective. And again, Boosteria have a great Article about Map Awareness, so i hope that you will check it.

Map Awareness is must-have skill for every LoL player, and of course Booster. You will no get benefits from wards and all gold that your support or you spent on it, if you will not look on a mini map.

There are a lot of ways to improve map awareness in LoL, but you need to train yourself. The more processes you track at the same time, the better are your winning chances.

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